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If there is one note of advice I desperately wished my Mom had passed to me, it would be the admonition to keep an eye out for those pesky strays. Who knew!?!

Sure, I keep a keen eye on my clients as well as myself. But has there been a moment, or two, when I’ve caught sight of a new suspect emerging on my terrain….ooh, YA! And let’s just say, I take swift action so as not to get caught by the hair on my chinny chin chin. I mean SERIOUS BUSINESS!


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I recently noticed some hairs growing on my chin.  What is the best way to get rid of them? Wax, threating, plucking? HELP! – Shana





Let me first say this…hair, placement, amount and disposition is factored in by genes (sigh), age (larger sigh), and hormones (uggghhhhhhhhh). Yup, it’s not pretty, however there’s no need to fret the new comers or has been’s when you come equally equipped with an arsenal of trouble shooters to help Nip those Nubbins in the Nub.


Laser: My personal fav! Love the idea of cutting your morning hustle down to a minimum? Try laser on for size. Depending on your complexion and hair color (fair haired and light skinned beauties may not apply to this particular method), this life-saver could be yours to forever tackle those distressing areas! The laser targets melanin (naturally occurring dark pigmentation in skin and hair) and when applied destroys the hair in the root. Whether it be bikini, underarm, legs, chin, back, or what I like to call, “the chia”, (the ever lingering nape of the neck)…laser can erase signs of life in mere visits.  Make sure you consult with a seasoned/licensed professional who will honestly tell you “NO”, where it won’t work for you, and” YES”, where it will. These services are more costly than your average wax or threading visit, but when looked at over time, it is much more cost effective, since the hair will eventually be obliterated into thin air. Ever dreamed of never shaving your legs, under arms? Find a trusted source…take the referral and run with it. For the daring-try consumer friendly at-home versions like the NO-NO!

Electrolysis: Targeting each individual hair follicle with an electrically charged needle, ultimately destroying the growth and production of hairs can be an option for you. This works great on intricate areas such as ears, as well as larger surfaces. There may be significant irritation for those with sensitive skins. Consult a referred professional for their assessment of your areas and the efficacy of the treatment as this is more specific for darker hair, however a combined treatment of laser and electrolysis may work for grey, peach fuzz and lighter hair, offering an alternative approach. An additional cost at first, but over time, the hair is destroyed, Hooray!

Waxing: Waxing comes in two forms: Hard wax and Soft wax. Not ready for the commitment or to forever say goodbye, waxing is a great option and a GREAT vacation prep. Wax removal results last two to eight weeks. I prefer the hot wax method and even more preferable, bees wax. Hot wax is applied thick, left to cool, then removed. This practice is much more gentle on skin than Strip waxing. With Soft wax, strip wax, a thin layer of warm wax is applied followed by placing a piece of paper/muslin on top, then the area is removed with a swift pull.  Whether it be large (back, abdomen, face) or smaller areas, with Hot wax you can wax and repeat to ensure a perfectly bare result with minimal irritation. Those with super sensitive skin, plan ahead and secure these services with post-visit down time to alleviate any temporary redness that may result.

Threading: What a cool talent to watch! Originating in the East, this method uses a single string of cotton thread, tactically gathering the finest of hairs row by row for a precise and targeted approach for brow shaping and more. Some profess this method catches the tiny razor thin hairs much better than tweezing. The string quickly encases each hair pulling the hair from the follicle. It is gentle on skin and with minimal contact with the skin itself is often the option for clients who use topical resurfacing agents or Accutane type acne treatments. Preference is the key. Usually reserved for smaller areas: eyebrows, chin, and cheek, plucking or threading, the choice is yours. Routine maintenance is advised with monthly or bi-monthly appointments necessary to keep the areas in check.

Tweezing: I find tweezing the way to go for smaller areas (brows, chins, bikini touch-up) or general self-maintenance. This option pulls individual hairs one at a time and is gentle on the skin without any chemical contact or resurfacing agents. This is also a safe way to trust a professional to shape and create your brow arch, especially if you are nervous. Usually appointments are booked in 15-minute intervals, you’ll be able to influence the shape as well as your comfort level with how thin or thick you may want them to be. This is a quick solution and is consistent maintenance. Take note of your areas, keep an eye and always pluck in the direction the hair is growing.  This helps reduce the tug of the surrounding skin, which over time may result in droop and irregular hair growth.

** NOTE TO SELF! **  

Be a “Beauty MacGuyver TM“: slip a tweezer in your handy beauty on-the-go-bag plucking pesky strays on the fly. You never knew how handy a tweezer can be!…

Lastly:  Referrals are always key! Remember the artist/technician usually has a pattern of results and a pattern of happy clients. If you like what your friend has, most likely you too will walk away a happy camper!



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